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pregnancy yoga

to bond with your beautiful baby, have some quality you time, rest, feel space in your body, practice breath work to help with birth and feel wonderful in your miraculous body. please drop me an email if you'd like to experience private pregnancy yoga classes or register your interest for small unique group class experiences. 







yoga at work

ending your working day on the mat will leave you feeling energised, revitalised and really quite stress-free. yoga is an incredible practice to improve and enhance posture & soothe desk related ailments. enquire now for information about work-place yoga & we'll take it from there. 








a creation for those of you who like to move, sweat and increase your heart rate; a practice uniquely created with foundations of yoga and branches of circuit training exercise; including balance, stretching & of course a well deserved relaxation.







private tuition


learn as a beginner, improve as an experienced yogi, boost confidence before starting group classes, specific target area to improve and enhance, learn how to integrate yoga into your daily lifestyle, illness or injury aid, extra special care and attention, moments for calm, self-love. prior to your first session, we will chat to discover your intentions, to allow a complete embodiment of your experience in every class. 




"the pride of a teacher: is that they have the privilege to serve another student, because somebody served them."


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