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hey - i'm francesca.
founder of francesca lily yoga, a mother, thoughtful, creative student and practicing yogi.

i have always been "busy". from a young age i was immersed in sport: swimming, x-country, athletics, hockey, rounders; music, ballet, social clubs, holidays, studies and beyond. my parents did me proud throughout my upbringing providing me with an array of wonderful opportunities both at school, university and travelling to many corners of the globe with a subsequent never ending expenses bill. i have been blessed


it became the norm to fill every second of my time with doing, practicing, improving, enjoying, competing, seeing until a forced break from this norm when i developed an energy sapping illness. since then, i have continuously attempted to embrace the "slow down", look after yourself mentality which stems from falling in love with the practice of yoga in 2009. the "busy" side to me is ingrained, habitual and is part of who i am. but i know now i rely upon finding the inner stillness through yoga to live life with a sense of balance

i teach with passion, with a fresh and clear intention of delivery hoping to inspire, motivate, enhance, challenge, and improve your practice, and as importantly, brighten your day.

upon nurturing my travel bug, i appreciate every aspect of culture, learning, society, community, food and what we can learn from each other. something that is very much incorporated in my teachings. 

i understand more than ever that we as humans continue to change and we should encourage ourselves to accept this and always be who we truly were born to be. i love to promote living a simple life, enjoying the little things, finding gratitude in every day and highlight continuously the importance of self-love. 

upon travelling to indonesia in may 2014, i was completely encapsulated with the practice and depths of yoga and one clear skied evening on a paradise island was truly inspired to become a teacher and start a journey connecting with others through the practice of yoga. 


i completed my training at Marianne Wells Yoga School, in costa rica in august 2014 which was one of the most unique and all encompassing experiences of my life. i qualified as a RYT 200 hour hatha yoga teacher, am registered with the yoga alliance and have been teaching with love in a "francesca" interpreted hatha vinyasa style. 


enthusiasm and love makes the world go round.


waves of love 






tranquility  //  discovery  //  laughter  //  learning  //  challenging  //  relax  // love 



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