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For me Francesca's classes are a perfect combination of dynamic yoga, which can be as challenging as you like - paired with time for precious relaxation, breath and contemplation. Francesca is always encouraging and kind in her classes, she gives plenty of corrections and adjustments when needed and gently pushes us to develop and improve our practice. I'm a keen runner and Yoga has really helped me to avoid injury and forces me to take the time to stretch and improve my flexibility. I have always really enjoyed the physical challenges of Francesca's classes - but over time I've also been able to improve my mental focus which means I leave the classes feeling relaxed and clear-headed.


I have been doing yoga since October 2016 and have been taught by a number of different teachers but none come anywhere near as good as Francesca's classes. I first met her at a large gym where she taught where I was a member and when I learned she was leaving a year after I joined I cancelled my membership and went to her private classes as her lessons were the best thing about the gym!


She offers so much more than just Yoga with wonderful words of serenity which set up the class beautifully. She is the most pure and gentle instructor with absolutely no ego which is wonderful as she effortlessly makes the classes all about the pupils. 


No matter what level you are at, you could not fail to feel totally part of the practice and there is no pressure at all. 


My posture, outlook on life, flexibility and general well being have improved since I started these lessons and it has changed my life.


The best thing about the classes without any doubt is the end when Francesa goes round to everyone while we are in relaxation a makes adjustments with her hands which have the most wonderful scented oils on them.  It is the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced and is just wonderful.


Thank you Francesca for all you do! 

Jane, Upminster Group classes

Since my first class back in 2016, I have been hooked. Francesca brings a warm and welcoming energy to the class that makes everyone feel at ease and caters for all abilities offering variations in the postures. From regularly attending the class I have seen such an improvement in myself, I’ve grown stronger, become more flexible (far more than I ever thought was possible), improved my balance and toned my figure so it really is amazing what you can achieve with a little bit of commitment. I find myself looking forward to having that alone time on the mat and Francesca’s unique approach makes it that much more enjoyable- the end of the sessions are pure bliss!


Thanks for being an amazing teacher and sharing your wonderful insights with us. I look forward to many more classes with you!

Louise, Upminster Group Classes

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